Brewover Microfilters for Cold Drip - Round (100)

Compatible with Aeropress Microfilter.


Able Disk Fine Stainless Steel Filter for Aeropress Coffee Maker

The Able Fine Disk coffee filter is a very thin stainless steel filter designed to be used in the AeroPress coffee maker. This reusable stainless steel filter disk eliminates the need for expensive paper filter replacements or it simply provides another way to enjoy the Aeropress. The disk is hassle-free, easy to wipe clean and best of all it’s reusable, so better for the environment.
It has been specially designed to replace or offer an alternative to paper filters in the Aeropress. Compared to paper filters (which are very popular for the “clean” cup it produces.
This disc produces a cup that has none of the taste associated with paper filters and as the holes are so tiny, it lets through very little to no fines at all. It also allows through oils that are filtered out through paper, is easy to clean and made to last – thus it is also more environmentally friendly.

Made in the U.S.

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Aeropress Able Disk Filter